Didn’t take long for the first Madison St. accident in Hoboken

9/21/2012 Update:

Yep – just as we predicted yesterday – this wacky arrangement of arrows and bollards is just too much for this town. Hoboken411 reader Vinnie sent visual documentation of the accident as well as the resulting backlog of angry drivers.

Another day in Hoboken!

Madison St. opens in Hoboken – along with barriers and backups!


This week – the city re-opened the little stretch of Madison St. between Observer Highway and Newark Street. It’s complete with all sorts of new bollards that constrict the flow of traffic. You can’t make a left into this turn going eastbound on Newark, and the turn itself onto Observer is right turn only. (In case some of you are confused with the naming of the streets – note that Observer & Newark “criss cross” at Jefferson, and the names change.)

I’m trying to understand the logic here.

For one – the main backup is cars coming into town wanting to turn left on to Jackson Street (you know – the one with the bike lane disaster going on right now).

  • How many cars going westbound on Observer want to get back into Hoboken? Most of them are likely leaving town.
  • How many cars come from Jersey City (Marin Boulevard) that would want to make that turn instead of just going east?

But I noticed, during a VERY OFF PEAK time yesterday, that these bollards that prevent turning, also clog the flow of traffic east… and these backups I predict will soon cause gridlock (i.e., block blocking) at the Marin & Observer light. See some real examples in the photo gallery below – and try to predict when the first major accident will take place as a result.

Travel with care in Hoboken!