Can the Hoboken Temporary Police Regulation system be improved?

You see them every day of your life around Hoboken: Temporary Police Regulation signs. Whether for public service work, construction, and even moving trucks – these signs are all over town.

But the method of putting them up (packing tape to a sign, tree, wall or fence) is not without problems… they can fall off (or some mischievous kids or drunks can just tear them down). Hoboken411 reader Carley and four other drivers had an anger-inducing event last week:

“My car was towed due to temporary no parking signs that were never posted. We parked the car Monday evening, 9/10, and according to HPU the signs had been up since Friday 9/7. There were never any signs posted and 5 cars were towed from the same place and time as mine. I am beyond angry and out $200…”

Can you think of a way to improve this system at little or no cost? Should drivers check their cars once or twice a day? Or should there be a way to notify residents?