Bike sharing – Prepare for clueless riders in Hoboken

As Ian Sacs bids farewell to Hoboken (who knows where the formerly unemployed pseudo-soccer player is going) – he is leaving us with another socialist potentially disrupting situation.

A bike-sharing pilot is coming to town over the next few weeks – with some envelope under the table company setting up a few stations around town with 20 or 30 bikes that people can rent/share.

The first thought I had was “great, people who don’t own bikes, have very little skill & awareness, will be cluttering our already ridiculously impossible streets with their amateur modes of transportation.”

Little did I know that the I Hate Bicyclists blog is back with another relevant (and funny) post today. It was about a bike sharing program in Washington D.C. that is pissing everyone off:

“I mean if there’s one thing worse than a bicyclist it’s a bicyclist who doesn’t even own his own f***ing bicycle.

When my commute gets ten minutes longer because my bus is stuck behind some dipsh*t on a bright red Bikeshare bike who can’t figure out why there are 800 drivers honking at him, I definitely start to feel like breaking some sh*t.”