Marineview Applications

In case you stumbled by 3rd & Hudson and were wondering what that crowd gathering over at Marineview Plaza is, the owners are developing a new “waiting list” for the low-rent apartments in those buildings. They’re handing out only 325 total applications tomorrow morning. The waiting list order will be determined by “lottery” at 10am on October 10, 2007.

Income “limit” for living in the most expensive unit ($1188.89/month) is $85,600 per year! The line is now around the block.

Here’s the ad in last weeks paper:


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  1. Katie_Scarlett says:

    I recommend the following:

    1. Write a letter to the FBI indicating all the corruption in Hoboken. They love RICO charges.
    2. Write a letter to the AG of NJ (who may or may not be interested)
    3. Write a letter to the IRS (if the building is deemed low income or whatnot and got any kind of special status from the IRS it’s game. If it’s being rented out to non-low income, this is A BREACH for the owner of the building and could result in taxes, penalties, notes being called in etc etc –in fact this might be your best bet, the IRS loves to f*ck with landlords who get deals from them and do to suit themselves)
    4. Write your congressman, senator, governor
    5. Write the mayor and cc any of the above.

    This town is a quagmire. We’re marginally better than New Orleans in leadership. And by marginally, I mean we’re a microscopic step above them. Let’s clean it up and run the corrupt filth out of town. Buh-bye assholes.

  2. Tama Murden says:

    What about some governmental, but not-local-governmental oversight of the lottery?

    And I hope 411 or a designee might cover, w/videotape, the 10 a.m. lottery. For comic relief, if nothing else.

    Let’s hope, too, that the applications, in postmarked-by-10/2-envelopes aren’t opened, prior to the lottery. Or that some aren’t selectively put through a paper shredder.

    And I also hear, that since the eligibility is supposedly based on income, not assets, there’s all manner of real estate oligarchs living there (perhaps not surprising, since firemen & police officers seem to be big ones in this town). I might imagine they put their holdings (the beach house, the commercial properties in Hoboken, etc.) in some sort of LLC. So then, if it’s an income-producing property, they only take enough income from the real estate investment, so as to not disqualify themselves from “affordable housing.”

  3. strand tramp says:

    tm, why are you posting at 1:47 am? shouldn’t you be resting up for another long day of endless rambling?

  4. MidnightRacer says:

    B.A.D. – Button Addiction Disorder

    Signs to look for include remote controls worn beyond recognition, microwave keypads that no longer respond, ice dispensors that moan but no ice, and computer keyboards with damaged or missing keys.

    If you have a family member or friend with B.A.D., comfort them, offer to take their burden off their shoulders by taking possesssion yourself and saying, “My B.A.D.”. Then take them out to McD’s for a softee cone.

    B.A.D. is like all addictions. Remove the buttons, remove the power.

  5. Colonblow says:

    This comes from a friend who titled his email “Private Joke”. I offered to post it here to help alleviate his frustration. This person is a hard working, single parent who is so good at his job and makes so many people smile; who makes sure his full-time job schedule allows time to walk his son to and from school every day, who’s a caring, loving parent, and is always there for his son when the other parent frequently is not. I’m frustrated that the system didn’t allow this beautiful father/son duo into the system.

    “I found out yesterday, that I’m not eligible for a rent control apartment due to the fact that I make too little money a year. Apparently, living proudly with a kid, making about $20,000 a year, paying monthly rent of $1,200 a month, without owing money to anyone, without the use of any social help and with a self dignity that feeds this almost impossible task of being a self sufficient single parent is not good enough for a rent control apartment, that can save me around $400-$500 a month and make my life a bit more bearable.
    Add to that, the absurdity on my face, hearing that from the cold face administrator (that obviously was annoyed by me making use of her precious time) was received as aggressive and rude, more than that, I have found very few people who share my view of this absurdity…..
    Am I sane or maybe I am the insane in this loving world?!”

  6. Easy-E says:

    [quote comment=”46020″]This comes from a friend who titled his email “Private Joke”…[/quote]

    At first I was shocked, then I thought about it…

    I’ll bet that lady lives in the building, and doesn’t want any low-income riff-raff messing up her semi-free ride. After all, in a matter of a couple years, if they let all the poor folks in, it’d look like Jackson Street in no time. Then again, I am perhaps too cynical?

    What’s the income cut-off anyway?

  7. Colonblow says:

    $24,000. He makes $20,000. I guess rules are rules, and I understand that. Perhaps there’s another program/building that he’s eligible for.

  8. Beejay says:

    [quote comment=”45200″]Is this subsidized by our taxes?[/quote]

    You know that the city does not receive real estate taxes on this propery while providing the many services for its tenants, so yes we all subsidize this with our tax dollars.

  9. tullipsandlillies says:

    These are like most “low income” apartments.. It’s who you know, did or will do to get one. 😯

  10. uptown girl says:

    Interesting to note, over 55% of the population of Hoboken is qualified (based on income less than $86K) to live here.

  11. krewedetat says:

    [quote comment=”46044″]$24,000. He makes $20,000. I guess rules are rules, and I understand that. Perhaps there’s another program/building that he’s eligible for.[/quote]

    I would try the new building on Adams St. I appears to me that people were initially picked for that one based on who they know, but I recently heard from a resident that they are evicting some people. He should find out who is taking care of that waiting list.

    Has he looked into whether he is eligible for a Section 8 voucher? Applied Housing has a very long waiting list for those, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    There are a lot of good hard working people struggling in the middle class in this town and the housing costs are a huge issue that is compounded by all the shenanigans that may be going on with the waiting lists for subsidized housing.

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