10th and Willow Bar and Grill

Crowded on the weekends.

See “Wing Night” review below.

Description – Bar and Restaurant
Services – Bar, Restaurant, American/Italian cuisine, Sunday Brunch, private parties. Delivery, Catering, etc
Website – www.10thandwillow.com
Address – 935 Willow Ave, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-3037
Telephone – (201) 653-2358

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July 2006

This review is posted to go along side our “Best wings in Hoboken” poll to the left. Who has the best wings? Who has the best value?

Today, we chose The Bar at 10th and Willow for their famous “free wing” night. That is free wings until they run out, so get there early if you want your share of fresh ones. FYI, Wing Night is MONDAYS.

Happy hour is from 4-7 with 1/2 priced drinks, although the big trays of free wings don’t come out until around 7:00. However, if you’re there a bit early, they’ll still make you a plate of wings for you at no charge.

Our first batch was 1/2 buffalo style and 1/2 teriyaki. Very tasty and meaty chicken limbs. The teriyaki ones were very crispy and pretty much tasted just like asian food really. The buffalo ones were scrumptous as well, but not really hot (for the seasoned spicy-veterans at least). Bleu cheese dressing was thick and chunky as one would demand when ordering wings. They could have made the wings a bit more well-done for the Buffalo ones.

10th willow wings1.JPG

At 7:00pm the wings would come out in giant trays near the middle of the bar. They served three kinds. Buffalo, BBQ and Teriyaki. The BBQ ones were our least favorite in the bunch. Sloppy and gunky, but the chicken beneath the mudslide BBQ concoction was still good. You needed a shovel to get the BBQ droppings off your fingers. Blech.

10th willow wings 2.JPG

Typically, the bar area fills up rather fast, especially past 7:30 or 8:00. A pretty economical way for 10th and Willow to get a decent crowd on an otherwise slow bar night in Hoboken.

10th willow wing bar.JPG

Overall, we rate the wings at 10th and Willow very highly. 8.5/10 (or 4.25 stars out of 5 on our rating system, so they get demoted to 4/5).

One thing that we were a bit pissed about was that the bartender didn’t make us aware that the 7:00pm cutoff for 1/2 priced drinks was coming upon us, so we could get another round in quick before the cost doubled. Most bartenders make you aware of that. Next time we’ll have to set an alarm for that.

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46 Comments on "10th and Willow Bar and Grill"

9 years 7 months ago

you should do your bacon cheeseburger review at 10th and willow.. if you’re not dying of it yet. i had a burger last weekend and it was pretty good. i love that you can get a salad or mashed potatoes instead of fries as a side to any sandwich or wrap. i like this place and the food is good but a lot of the items on the menu (pasta dishes for example) are overpriced.

9 years 7 months ago

I can’t take it anymore….$90 dinner for two…..and one was a Tuna WRAP!!! Only 3 beers total.
I only live a few doors away and have been going for years, but now I really have eaten dinner for the last time at 10th & Willow. Food is good but WAY overpriced. ‘Specials’ are ALWAYS priced well above the menu items…which are already OVERPRICED! There is too much quality food in Hoboken to keep paying these prices. Enjoy the bar, but go elsewhere for dinner.

9 years 7 months ago

I agree that their menu is pricey but they do have some lower end options. Their sandwich (chicken steak) or chicken parm sandwich is really good for $8 bucks. Or hit them up on the free wing night or 1/2 price app night.

9 years 7 months ago

Chicken cheesesteak is one of the top sandwiches in town, no argument here. My price complaints are more directed at the entrees, yes they are all good, but too much quality competetion in town for prices this high.
But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.