Hoboken Health Stop offers medical care 4 hours per weekday

This new medical office Hoboken Health Stop that opened up at 2 Hudson Place is an interesting operation.

First of all – it’s run by the Jersey City Medical Center (Liberty Health), which must be a burn to the Hoboken “University” Medical Center since it’s likely they’ll get a LOT of walk-ins that might normally go to Hoboken’s hospital. (Other places like PromptMD on 1st St. might also feel a sting as well, since this new medical office is substantially less expensive only $35 per visit).

Their website is vague, and mentions that they provide basic services like physical exams, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses as well as vaccinations (411 says “no” to vaccinations of all kinds, FYI!)

However – the peculiar aspect of Hoboken Health Stop is their hours of operation: Only 20 hours per week (Monday through Friday, 5pm to 9pm).

Do people only need minor medical care if they’re employed and coming off the PATH train or NJ Transit train after work? I wonder what led to this decision to be open for so few hours during the week… did they have a focus group help them reach this conclusion?

Description: Limited health care near PATH Station – with limited hours.
Address: 2 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)876-7903
Online: www.hobokenhealthstop.com