Largest steel girder ever in Hoboken!

Steel for 14th St. Viaduct in Hoboken hard to maneuver!

As you might know – the 14th Street Viaduct is currently undergoing replacement. The project is moving steadily towards completion sometime in 2014 (although some residents think we’ll eventually need a pedestrian bridge up that way…)

Over the past couple weeks – some very challenging deliveries were required. And those are the massive steel girders that will carry the horizontal weight of the cars traveling to and from Union City.

I calculated that each of these girders were over 15 stories in length, and have presented some precarious traffic conditions as there’s almost no turn in Hoboken that can handle a vehicle that long (that’s what she said). Lucky for these guys – and just like a hook & ladder engine for fire departments – this contraption had it’s own rear steering wheel.

If Hoboken parents were smart – they’d take their kids to see some of this construction action instead of plopping them in front of a DVD or iPad.

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird

Hoboken411, did you take these pictures yourself? If so, how is it even possible you seem to be everywhere at once!