Hertz on Demand car sharing in Hoboken has issues

Taking street parking away from residents for Hertz on Demand (a for-profit corporation) has definitely seen it’s share of complaints from residents. Parking has not gotten easier in Hoboken (except on major holidays at around 4:15am in the pouring rain), and no matter how fool-proof anyone thinks this “plan” is – someone always finds a way to botch it.

Like this nimrod who parked the Hertz on Demand toy-car close to the intersection here at 11th and Hudson – scraping against a bollard and endangering pedestrians.

I still think they should figure out a way to give these parking spots back to car-owning residents – and put the Hertz cars in private garages somewhere. People have to stop getting spoiled because these rental cars are just a block or two from their apartments (walking does a body good), and the local government ought to stay out of private enterprise.

Oh – the car was parked all day yesterday without a ticket – but received a summons today.