Hazel found aboard NY Waterway Ferry!

Good news! The lost dog we reported about yesterday has been found! And what a great story too! Hazel’s owner Rebeca recounts what happened below…

Hazel becomes stowaway on ferry in search of owner

“Dear Hoboken411,

Thank you so much for your post about our lost dog Hazel last night. Thanks to your site, we were able to connect with Hazel’s rescuer. We are thrilled and so relieved to have her home.

It’s a heart-warming story actually…. After she got loose she immediately ran to the Hoboken Ferry Terminal. She and I take the ferry to work every day as I work in lower Manhattan so she knows the docks well. She ended up stowing away on a ferry – hidden away so no one could easily see her.

She was heading to Manhattan to look for me! The crew spotted her and thought they recognized her as “that dog that commutes every day to New York.” The Captain let her ride the ferry, in the control room, until their shift was up. On his crew’s hunch, he took Hazel home and found the story about her disappearance on Hoboken411. He was kind enough to give her a bath, feed her and give her a comfortable bed for the night. This morning, after issuing a Facebook post, he had confirmation that she was indeed the missing dog we were looking for.

Captain Tom is his name and we are forever grateful for the kindness and generosity he showed Hazel and for ensuring her safe return home. We want to thank him and the ferry crew at the NY/NJ waterways for taking such good care of her!”

What a great story indeed! Glad Hazel’s back home!

Lost Dog Hazel in Hoboken


This afternoon around 4:30pm, a 5 year old terrier schnauzer mix named Hazel “tore away” from her dog-walker and fled westbound from 4th & Willow Ave.

Hoboken police were contacted to help find the poor pooch, to no avail. The owners are desperate to find her – and are willing to offer a reward for her safe return. Call 857-233-6224 or 6226 if you find her!