Fire paranoia

Ordinary BBQ’s cause unnecessary fire calls in Hoboken

It seems like since the summer started, there have been at least 100 fire calls to various apartments in Hoboken – because paranoid residents smelled their neighbors having a barbecue somewhere nearby. Whether it’s a backyard or balcony, each incident was a waste of city time and resources.

You’d think that people can smell the difference between a bonafide fire – and smokey cooking.

Although, I have to say – a couple calls may have had some merit, as a few residents think it’s cute to cook on fire escapes, which is a no-no.

Do you think there should be a penalty for people who call in fires that were unverified?

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3 Comments on "Fire paranoia"

3 years 5 months ago

I’m all for reducing unnecessary FD responses, but a fine is not the way to go.
If people were afraid of being fined, we would end up with possibly serious fires not being reported in their early stages. Fires fought early on use less city resources than fighting ones people deem “serious enough” to report without fear of being fined.

I believe the FD does issue fines if they are called to a residence or business multiple times within a certain time period for unfounded calls.

3 years 5 months ago

Anyone who puts any kind of open flame on a roof or balcony is absolutely nuts. all it takes is one ember or a tiny pinhole leak on a propane tank set up and it a 4 alarmer. In most towns its illegal to use and kind of grill on a attached roof or deck. If anyone in the HFD has the authority he or she should whack them with a stiff fine. As i have said before tick-tock the clock is running.

3 years 5 months ago

Or an idiot without common sense. Many moons ago I lived on Jefferson between 2 and 3. I was in a newish building that had easy roof access. The LL had installed some untreated wooden planking as a makeshift roof deck. After a couple of years this wood was particularly dry. Alas one apt was occupied by a couple of kids whose parents instilled more cash then brains or responsibility. One very breezy Sunday night they set up a wobbly charcoal cooker on said deck. They cooked their burgers, drank their beers, and went back downstairs and passed out. At… Read more »