What do you think the best food/drink in NJ is?

We all know New Jersey gets a bad rap – but as you saw this week, the Little Town NJ owners don’t think so.

Little Town New Jersey has so much faith in the Garden State, that they’re opening a waterfront bar / restaurant that will not only focus on NJ flair – but feature as many great Jersey businesses, farmers, beer and wine producers as possible. We even took a 3-day trip to find them (day 1, day 2, day 3.)

But here’s two questions for you all:

  1. When you think of New Jersey – What is the best, tastiest, favorite, most unique food or drink item? Or what about location?
  2. In other words – if you had friends visiting the state for the first time – and wanted to impress them with something they can’t get anywhere but Jersey – what and where would that be?