Update: See bottom of the article… We’re #1 in something!

What good is Hoboken Reform if Kids “First” means almost last?

Hoboken411 reader Christopher noticed in a recent ranking of New Jersey Schools – that Hoboken sunk to nearly the bottom in the Garden State. Way to go, Hoboken “reform!”

“There are some big swings and Hoboken is obviously one of them. My distant observation of Hoboken schools is we’re probably more 298 than 187 anyway. Not good.

From the accompanying article:

“Some of the biggest moves are fueled in part by New Jersey’s use of a new graduation-rate calculation. In the past, our rankings distinguished between students going on to four-year colleges, two-year colleges and other postsecondary schools. The data for students going to four-year colleges was given extra weight, making it a potent driver of the results. This year’s rankings use the new four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate, introduced by New Jersey in 2011, as mandated by the federal government.

New Jersey Monthly made two other changes in compiling this year’s rankings: Because personal computers have become widespread among the high-school population, we eliminated student/computer ratio as a factor. More significantly, we increased the weighting for data on test results and the aforementioned graduation-rate calculation. The change in weighting is intended to emphasize the importance of student results at a time of budget cutting, when even the best schools must learn to do more with fewer resources.”

Oh – and in an article published in the Wall Street Journal – they showed a Trulia chart that ranked Hoboken, NJ the LEAST ATTRACTIVE school district in America. Hooray, we’re Number One!

(h/t Anna for the info)