I Hate Bicyclists blog documents biker nonsense

As most of you know – common sense rules here on Hoboken411, not government laws and other “control mechanisms” designed to not only frustrate the populous, but snag valuable monetary units from their pockets!

That said, you might be irritated at our often “common sense” oriented posts, that often leave the “needy idiots” like bicyclists, environmentalists, and other “radical” groups behind – because we don’t feel they benefit society one iota!

Regardless of what stance you take – you might get some true entertainment from a new blog I discovered this week – I Hate Bicyclists.

If you really hate bicycles – you start a blog about it

Sheer brilliance in my opinion – he deconstructs various dopey incidents in the news that revolve around obnoxious entitled bikers, such as:

My favorite post was how he deconstructed a “helpful list” from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – which detailed a dozen “tips” from some leftist biker – such as:

3. Slow down and pass with care. PA law requires a minimum passing buffer of four feet.

The I Hate Bicyclists site responded as follows to this particular point (out of many…):

3. Slow down and Pass with care. PA law requires a minimum passing buffer Honk at the bicyclist blocking your path until he or she pulls over at least four feet.

  • Some bicyclists still seem to be unaware that they’re driving 25 lb brittle things that could be destroyed in a second by a car. Honk at them until they get that through their f*cking skull.