Which cookie-cutter condo is this?

Where is this Hoboken cookie-cutter apartment?

One “topic” that has been consistent throughout the nearly seven-years Hoboken411 has been on the inter-webs – is the general discontent with the “cookie-cutter” styles of our apartment rental and condo buildings around town. Like the architects of the past few decades were indoctrinated by financial gain instead of prudent design – who knows!

Either way – I’ll say it again, many people I speak to frown down upon the quality of the design many of our “12 story” residential towers end up with. That said, which cookie-cutter apartment building is pictured below? Can you even tell the difference anymore?

Test your senses!

3 Responses

  1. Mrs. L says:

    Looks like a shipyard building

  2. Craig-D says:

    My guess is it’s the Curling Club.

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