The Light Bulb Conspiracy – Planned Obsolescence documentary

Some of you might not realize that many things we buy these days – break or don’t last long on purpose, according to this documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy.

This movie documents various forces behind consumerism in the early 20th century, and is quite thought-provoking. The part about the chip inside the inkjet printer was disturbing. Shouldn’t criminal charges be filed against companies the limit the usable life-span of their products?

It brings up several important points to consider:

  • Do you think planned obsolescence is necessary to “provide jobs” in this economy? If everything lasted, what would people do for work?
  • It also makes you wonder what else is shoddily made on purpose? Stuff like our highway pavement (perpetual construction all over the place), cars, furniture, etc…
  • What do you think the few truly “disposable” products are besides food and fuel? Don’t you think if we took the money out of the equation, that we’d have superior quality across the board?

Excellent video regardless.