Have you seen this Diamonback bike in Hoboken?

Bikes are getting stolen more and more often in Hoboken these days, and Hoboken411 reader Joe is wondering if you’ve seen his sweet bike (valued at $400) which was nicked this week. Might as well spread the word.

“I have yet another Hoboken stolen bike story for you. My white Diamondback Insight 2 bike was stolen from a locked garage (where it was locked to a pipe) at 1st and Grand.

The bike didn’t even have a seat, which I keep in my apartment. Whoever stole it used bolt cutters to damage the lock (which they left behind). The bike is not exceptionally common, so I was wondering if you can have your readers keep a look out if they see something similar for sale around town.

The exact bike and color can be found below bikereviews.com.

Also, the serial number of the bike is v9yk27275. Figure the chances are slim, but its worth a shot as this will likely turn up for sale somewhere nearby. Thank you.”