Paddy’s.5 – because you can’t get enough in Hoboken

Hoboken resident Dennis has come up with the first annual “Half Way to St. Patrick‘s Day” Pubcrawl on September 15, 2012.

Half Way to Hoboken St. Patty’s Day

“We decided we no longer wanted to wait a full year to celebrate the best party of the year – St. Patrick’s Day in Hoboken.

With the growing popularity of the “Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day” festivals around the country we want to put a Hoboken celebration on the map with the Paddy’s.5 Pubcrawl.

September 15th gives us enough time to wind down from the Labor Day debauchery and kick off the Fall with a giant party across the downtown bars. The details are pending, but we will be updating this page frequently.

To start, we will be working with many of the downtown bars to organize drink specials specifically for those involved in the Paddy’s.5 Pubcrawl. We will be providing event T-shirts and most likely beer mugs you can bring from bar to bar to get discounted draft beer. After “checking in” at the first bar that’s announced, you’ll have the freedom to go to any participating bars at anytime.

This is an open event, so please spread the word. Invite your out of town friends, old college crew, etc. This has the potential to be a success and the more people involved will allow us to make this bigger and better every year.”