Santa Fe Touch: Doomed

4/4/2008 Update:

This one came out of the blue and surprised me! Santa Fe Touch is no longer!


I thought these were nice people with a niche that really hadn’t been covered in Hoboken. But they packed up shop a few days ago.

My guess is, again, that if you don’t have proper street-level presence, you’re destined for doomsville. A couple things I might have suggested would have been a larger sign, possibly an extended awning, as well as an improved logo. Their logo wasn’t high contrast enough to stand out. Two pastel-like colors on top of one another aren’t really eye-catching.

Oh well, may the indian spirit be with them wherever they went.

See what the store looked like after the jump.


Opening up about a week ago is Santa Fe Touch, a store that specializes in Native American jewelry, pottery, artifacts, fetishes and more!


I had a chance to spend time with Akram Nassrallah, the owner of this 1320 Bloomfield Street location (which took place of the doomed Urban Auctioneer eBay store). This is his fourth location in the U.S. (third retail – another is wholesale). His other locations are in Boulder, CO (“Zuni Fetish” – Open since 1993), and Winter Park, FL (“Phoenix Gallery” – Opened six months ago).


His brother, who lives in Hoboken, had suggested that they open up a store like this in town, because there was no such shop to get genuine and hand-made Native American products. Akram had temporarily relocated from his home in Colorado to get this store up and running. All of the products sold here are unique and obtained from various Arizona/New Mexico Indian Tribes. Akram spends a month traveling out west twice a year to re-stock the inventory for his company.

Interesting story of how this business started. Back in the 70’s, his father had been peddling hand-made rugs around Colorado, and had made a trip to New Mexico, where some Indian tribes where very interested in his rugs, and bartered jewelry for them. And in his travels, he found heavy demand for the gorgeous jewelry and artifacts he had bartered for. So he began making many trips for more jewelry, and it’s how their company was born. It’s a family run business, and he intends to keep it that way, by involving his siblings, and eventually will pass it on to future generations.


The interest in Hoboken is already high, Akram said. Before they even opened last weekend, people were knocking on the door asking to buy pieces they had seen through the windows. Besides the hand-made sterling silver jewelry (rings, bracelets & more), turquoise & topaz necklaces, belts and earrings, they also sell pottery, “Dream Catchers”, and exquisite collectible fetishes, made from rare stones such as fossilized ivory, turquoise and Picasso marble. Paintings and “Clown Kachinas” (ceremonial dancers) are available too. Pieces range from the easily affordable $20 range all the way up to $4,000 for the most expensive and rare items.


After seeing how Akram operates for a while, I got a good sense that this business will be incredibly successful. For one, the hours are genius. 11am-11pm, 7 days a week. That gives plenty of time for people who work late to get to the shop, as well as out-of-town visitors coming to enjoy the restaurants uptown. His passion for this line of work is genuine, and it shows.

Additionally, he offers an unheard-of lifetime warranty as well as return policy for all items sold. Talk about good karma! If you bought a piece 10 years ago and it breaks, he’ll fix it for free. If you bought an item 5 years ago, and you don’t like it anymore? He’ll buy it back for the same price you paid. Just save your receipt!

Good luck Akram & Family!


Description: Native American Jewelry, pottery, fetishes, artifacts and more.
Address: 1320 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-553-1400
Hours: 11am-11pm, 7 days a week.



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26 Comments on "Santa Fe Touch: Doomed"

8 years 4 months ago

At first glance at the pic, I thought they were cakes from the Carlos Bakery window! Very colorful.

8 years 3 months ago

I Really Love the fact that there is a local Turquiose Shop that is Authentic. Im sick of all the junk at the malls!!!! Beutiful Jewelry !! Thank you Santa Fe Touch for my Earings.

7 years 10 months ago

DAMN! Now where am I going to get stylish kokopeli tapestrys to decorate my apartment!!! What a shocker that the 20-something yuppies of hoboken didn’t eat this native american crap up! Such a prominent location too…definatly worth the 20 minute walk from downtown to rummage thru a box of arrowheads! :mrgreen:

ron mexico
7 years 10 months ago

I just don’t think that 14th street has the critical mass of retaiers to draw people there.

How many people are going to go out of their way to go on a turquise run?

7 years 10 months ago

I think you can pretty much make it anywhere if you have the right product and the right buzz. I hoped that he would make it but I had my doubts about selling Santa Fe style jewelery and accessories in Hoboken. The market just isn’t here for that as a single store. Now, if he takes that prodcut and opens in one of the other established apparel stores, it might work as a side business. Honestly, to me, it’s the kind of thing you buy when your in Santa Fe. It’s like when you go on a beach vacation and… Read more »