“Restaurant Stakeout” filmed at Liberty Bar

Liberty Bar in Hoboken gets Restaurant Stakeout episode

Back in August – Hoboken411 told you that a Food Network reality TV show was being filmed at Liberty Bar.

Well since we don’t watch TV anymore, we found out from reader Lauren that it was for the show Restaurant Stakeout – and it aired this past weekend. The episode was entitled “Act Like the Boss:”

“Willie comes to the aid of Dawn, owner of the Liberty Bar and Grill in Hoboken, N.J. After 14 years in business, Dawn’s restaurant is struggling and she’s called Willie for answers. He soon discovers that Dawn’s hands-off management style has created a leadership vacuum and some serious personnel issues that threaten to bring the business to its knees.”

Several readers who don’t frequent Liberty Bar often wondered if the establishment has improved since. I haven’t been there in a while either, but I certainly have been seeing the owner Dawn around more often. Maybe Willie Degel worked some magic?

Hoboken Liberty Bar may be on Food Network


Received a few emails last week regarding the brown paper over the windows of the Liberty Bar (61 14th St.) uptown in Hoboken.

Most wondered if the establishment was going out of business.

Not to worry, they were filming a yet to be named “pilot” for The Food Network. Probably one of those unrealistic reality TV shows that “saves” a fledgling bar?

Either way – Liberty Bar is still open. No word on whether this show will come to fruition or not.

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  1. beyondee7 says:

    It might not actually be for a pilot; they often tell people they are going to be on a ‘pilot’ for a fake show in order to get them to sign releases without knowing the true nature of the program. I know Food Network does it all the time for “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” It’s the only way to take people by surprise while still ensuring they are able to use the footage.

  2. Sphynx says:

    They already aired the episode at Liberty Bar and one for Pita Grill.

    My Tivo records any show that has Hoboken in the description.

  3. sammiceli says:

    Nothing against Dawn personally, but it’s amazing that she continues to run that place! Have heard so many negative stories about her inability to lead staff! She should get together with the “expert” Manzo Bros. and open up a new spot:)

  4. sammiceli says:

    Dawn should get together with the Manzo Boys to open up a new place – that would be a home run! 😛

  5. willow says:

    pita grill has definitely improved. I banned that place a while ago and decided to give it another chance. The quality and wait staff was much better then in the past.

  6. fishface says:

    I have heard the same thing about Dawn. The problem with Liberty Bar is that it should be a sports bar. But for some unexplainable reason there is a dj on Friday and Saturday nights. The dj starts at 10pm and they turn the volume of the game off regardless of it was a regular season game or a playoff game. Look at the people in that bar, they are not looking for a dance party.

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