Concert Venue: Pier A Park

Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ hosts large concerts

Below are some photos taken last week of Pier A Park in Hoboken.

As you may have heard – a massive Mumford and Sons concert will be taking place this Wednesday, August 1, 2012. I believe that will represent the largest single gathering of people on the pier in its history.

Now I hope, despite Mayor Dawn Zimmer indicating that Pier A Park was in bad shape – that the concert (and any future gathering) goes off without a hitch. But this situation brings up two common sense questions.

  1. If you go on record saying the Pier is in bad condition – then how could your conscience allow such a large collection of people to go on it?
  2. More importantly – perhaps the pier ISN’T in bad shape after all, but the stage is now set for another big contract award going to a political supporter? A shell game?

My gut tells me #2 is more likely, otherwise this concert logically wouldn’t have been allowed there.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. showme789 says:

    So, if I get this right, the Mayor has pretty much closed of the park to residents for at least 2 days (one day for set-up, one day for the event) so that she can raise $30,000 to pay down the $45,000.00 she has to spend to pander to her supporters who are involved with the New Jersey Symphony. I’m not sure, but do people realize that there will be alcohol sold on the pier during the event? I suppose it’s ok for the mayor to entice 15000 young people to come to a concert and get drunk, but when a parade committee does the same thing she stops short of calling in the National Guard.Who gets the proceeds from the alcohol sales? Since public space is being given to the concert promoter, was the Public Bidding process followed? How do we know that the promoter of the event is offering the city the best possible terms if there was no competition? Who is the promoter? Is he/she tied to anyone in town? Is he/she a political contributor to any politician? The Public Bidding process would provide the residents with the answers. Secret deals with promoters aren’t necessarily in the best interests of the taxpayers. Other towns that allow their parks to be used as for-profit venues usually go out for bid or RFP’s. Something smells and it’s not just the Hudson River.

  2. HomeTeam says:

    Something about this stinks because they could easily have made almost double the 30K for rental of the pier.

  3. therayman says:

    Looks like it’s going to be closed for 4 days. It was closed off this AM for stage set-up, and I’m sure that Thursday’s stage dismantling will be the 4th day. i don’t mind having a concert of this size here, but the closure seems excessive.

  4. briank says:

    I am biased because I am a fan attending the show.
    That said, you need to keep in mind that Hoboken isn’t exactly on the radar screen for big acts like this. Could we have gotten more money for the city? Maybe. But I don’t see Hoboken being in the advantaged bargaining position here. Maybe if we show we can pull off events like this, ad the bands can make some good money, we can attract more artists and then we might have a little more bargaining power. At this point, we should consider ourselves lucky to land this event. Lastly, it’s Mumford and Sons. As in folk rock. This is not a rowdy Metallica crowd.

  5. lizwill says:

    I’m also a fan attending the show and happy to report that a number of friends from LI and western NJ are coming into Hoboken for the concert…some of these people have never been to Hoboken and are looking forward to the grabbing a bite to eat at the local restaurants before the show. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to go into NYC or drive to Montclair to see this show. While I have some concerns about 15k people on that pier, Mumford (as well as the openers) are a very low-key band which should make for a nice evening (weather permitting)

    Also, Pier A, is not fully closed to the public. While you can’t run all the way around it, half the lawn is still open. There were plenty of people out on the pier yesterday, including myself. The regularly scheduled free Yoga in the park is still happening as planned tonight so I don’t understand why people are freaking out not being able to use the pier…

  6. YipYap says:

    The Izod Center seats 20,000. The Prudential Center Seats about 18,500. Even with standing room only how the heck are they going to cram 15,000 out on Pier A?

    • smackhead says:

      That’s venue seats. If it’s a big show with general admission, # of peeps can be much more. [quote comment=”216619″]The Izod Center seats 20,000. The Prudential Center Seats about 18,500. Even with standing room only how the heck are they going to cram 15,000 out on Pier A?[/quote]

  7. HomeTeam says:

    7/26/13 – Bob Dylan, Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Ryan Bingham.

    Since I actually care about these artists, I hope the pier doesn’t collapse!

  8. hoboken martello says:

    hmmmmm, I wonder if this show was intentionally scheduled to conflict with the last night of the St. Ann’s feast?? You know the Church who’s pastor (at the time) our fine mayor had a run in with last year……..

  9. HOB424 says:

    I was wondering why they chose this day. It’s going to be very crowded here that day since it’s also the last day of the St. Ann’s Feast (It’s the same day every year). Lots of people come in for that and drive. Also, they close streets off for the procession.

  10. taxedtodeath says:

    The concert organizer probably picks the date so that it fits in with the rest of the tour. We’re just one piece in a very large puzzle.

  11. SuperG says:

    I hope they check the integrity of Pier A before they put 20,000 people out there. There are still several large depressions on the northeast section that have had safety cones on them for the last several months…oh yea and fix the lights while they are at it…

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