Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ hosts large concerts

Below are some photos taken last week of Pier A Park in Hoboken.

As you may have heard – a massive Mumford and Sons concert will be taking place this Wednesday, August 1, 2012. I believe that will represent the largest single gathering of people on the pier in its history.

Now I hope, despite Mayor Dawn Zimmer indicating that Pier A Park was in bad shape – that the concert (and any future gathering) goes off without a hitch. But this situation brings up two common sense questions.

  1. If you go on record saying the Pier is in bad condition – then how could your conscience allow such a large collection of people to go on it?
  2. More importantly – perhaps the pier ISN’T in bad shape after all, but the stage is now set for another big contract award going to a political supporter? A shell game?

My gut tells me #2 is more likely, otherwise this concert logically wouldn’t have been allowed there.

Enjoy your weekend!