Will Hoboken flood again?

Potential storm threat for Hoboken tonight

Tonight’s rain threat looks like it has the potential to produce the same Hoboken flooding as last week. Lucky for us it will not be high tide. The flooding we had last week also happened at low tide as well.

Please exercise caution near any flooding – and lightning!

Hoboken Flooding Pics – July 18, 2012

5:45pm Update:

Some pics from residents – plus the area by Shoprite is a warzone… one car floated onto the sidewalk!!

Hoboken floods as usual

Today’s Severe Thunderstorms are causing the typical Mile Square flooding according to Hoboken Police.

Reminded me of that so-called “pump…” And it’s not even close to high tide! Listen to the live Hoboken police action channel for more…

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19 Comments on "Will Hoboken flood again?"

3 years 6 months ago

I look at the bright side, it sure cooled off nicely!

Angry Bird
3 years 6 months ago

Keep the updates coming! I am looking at a traffic map and every major road leading into Hoboken, including JC Heights, seems to be catastrophically gridlocked. Great…