Hoboken could learn from NYC (re: sidewalks)

As we told you earlier in the week, some major NYC bike paths are very well planned and executed public thoroughfares. And one thing we noticed during our journey – was the proper signage for both bikers as well as pedestrians.

In other words, when bikes were about to enter a pedestrian-heavy area, signs were posted asking riders to dismount from their bikes. On the flipside, pedestrians were advised to stay off the bike paths. Common sense, really.

However, if you ever observe the downtown waterfront in Hoboken (between 340 Grill and Melting Pot for example) – you’ll notice how PACKED the bike path there is with idiotic pedestrians, double-wide strollers and gangs of tourists just standing in the way. It’s obvious the paint does no good, maybe some signage would help? Or are people too busy swiping meaningless info on their smartphones to care what’s around them?