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  1. hainser says:

    Normally there’s loads Just outside the window from my Sky Ckub apartment although they seem to have bee replaced by a bunch of new Range Rovers today)

  2. rich k says:

    One of two locations – across the street from the Hoboken Business Center on Harrison downtown, or uptown north of and below the 14th St. Viaduct, next to the Academy Bus lot. The Harrison lot tends to be stacked two high, so I’m going with uptown.

  3. mrfreddy says:

    You’d never find that many clean, dent-less cabs in Hoboken, so I’m guessing those are new cabs fresh off the boat. Also, it looks like you can see new car stickers in all the windows, and generic looking taxi signs on top-or maybe just mounts for the taxi signs to be added. This is probably froms the shipyards near the airport, or maybe in Staten Island.

  4. hoboken411 says:

    Solution is near the 14th St. Viaduct:

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