Hoboken Dog Whisperer ad removed, adds free poop bags

Forgot to mention this about two weeks ago, that the giant Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer billboard over at Elysian Park was removed the same day the story published on 411…

However, it was replaced with a Cesar Milan mini-billboard / dog poop bag dispenser.

Even with “free” stuff, does it make that kind of marketing is OK or not?

Giant Dog Whisperer advertising at Hoboken Elysian Park


I always thought that our parks here in Hoboken were a great way to escape from the hectic world we live in, and “unplug” for a few moments. Grass, trees, dogs, and people just enjoying the simpler things in life.

However, I noticed this afternoon that a big Dog Whisperer promotional poster was hanging on the fence over at Elysian Park!

Who wants to be pummeled like that when we went to the park to chill out? I wonder who at the city authorized this, and how much they’re getting compensated. This sets a dangerous precedent, because before you know it – all the parks will be peppered with similar junk – including political ads and other mindless propaganda.