Mumford & Sons sing “Thistle & Weeds” in Hoboken, NJ

Hung out at the Mumford & Sons concert at Hoboken’s Pier A Park tonight. Was a pretty civil scene, and the “issues” with 15,000 people packed into a corner of a mile square city was to be expected – with just minor incidents.

Luckily – the fan base that these UK musicians have are not the cage-fighting, beer bottle-smashing type (at least not that this reporter witnessed!)

A couple observations:

  • The entire pier smelled like beer (Whoa! That rhymes!) Additionally, complaints abound that they only allowed one beer per patron (no one could have “bought a round” for their friends.) That is annoying. They closed the beer lines at 9pm, so “round buying” probably wouldn’t have been much of a concern.
  • Where in God’s name was the “wine stand?” Some of us don’t drink beer anymore… gosh.
  • To me, a lot of attendees didn’t give two craps about the band. They were just milling aimlessly around. Who would pay $55 to mill around to pay top dollar for Coors Light which tastes like cow piss drained through a dirty sock. Just so you could update your social website to say you were there? Not sure what motivates folks these days…
  • All in all – for those involved: Good job with this event – it was unprecedented and handled quite well for a “rookie” outing. Impressed. However, the quality of the act has a LOT to do with it…

Mumford & Sons – Thistle & Weeds

Here’s one song from the Mumford & Sons concert entitled “Thistle & Weeds” from their album “Sigh No More.”

Also – get ready for Mumford & Sons upcoming album BABEL which gets released next month (and you can pre-order now!)

If you went, hope you enjoyed the show!

Crowds gather for Mumford & Sons in Hoboken

8/1/2012 4:30pm Update:

Swung by to pick up my tickets to the Mumford & Sons show tonight – and crowds were starting to pile in. Looks like it’ll be a nice civilized show indeed. They added dozens of additional porto-potties too – which is a good idea, because once you leave the show – there is no re-admittance!

Hopefully it goes off without a hitch, injury or anything else!

500 Mumford & Sons tickets for sale in Hoboken, NJ

Even though the Mumford & Sons concert in Hoboken is “sold out,” organizers set aside 500 tickets which will be sold over at Tunes record store at 225 Washington Street starting tomorrow morning (July 25) at 10am.

There is a two-ticket maximum per person (at $55 cash only per ticket). So if you count more than 250 people on line – just continue walking. You’re not getting tickets.

Hopefully Pier A Park can withstand the over 5,000 extra tons of weight that will be on top of it on August 1, 2012.

Hoboken Concert by Mumford & Sons on August 1, 2012

Any of you dig UK band Mumford & Sons?

Then God Damn, you should be one of the fans that picked up a few tickets for the sold-out Mumford & Sons Pier A Park Concert in Hoboken, NJ on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 starting at 5pm!

Tickets were $55 (now scalping for onwards of $200 a pop) and this will be a great test indeed, because as Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer said, “Pier A Park is in danger.” So hopefully thousands of unsuspecting concert-goers don’t get dumped into the Hudson!!!

Here’s a quick video you can enjoy in the meantime (“The Cave”…)

Have fun everyone that attends!