Berserk cyclist smashes Hoboken entrepreneur’s windshield

Yesterday afternoon – more proof that bike-riding and Hoboken just do not mix very well.

A local entrepreneur, hot dog guy Tony was driving down Garden Street, making his way up to Dunkin’ Donuts to stock up on ice cubes for the day. Apparently, a mentally ill bicyclist didn’t like his SUV towing the hot dog trailer as he was turning – and chased Tony to 7th & Washington, at which point he proceeded to punch Tony’s windshield in an act of rage.

The crazed cyclist then attempted to ride away, but Tony wasn’t having that. He chased him for two blocks and caught up to him, knocking him off his bike. Police were called.

Tony was willing to “drop everything” if the cuckoo paid for the broken windshield. That didn’t happen, and both men were issued summons for their behavior.

Do you think bikers are too entitled expecting the world to stop moving through our over-crowded streets?