What is this cabby thinking about?

Hoboken photo quiz: What is this cabby referring to?

This taxi cab pulled over the other day after driving northbound on River Street.

What do you imagine he’s griping about?

6 Responses

  1. prag says:

    Having to look up from his cell phone in order to share the road with people riding bikes? Oh the humanity!

  2. camel2 says:

    Wondering if he broke the law because the entire road looks like it’s a bike lane.

  3. whineanddineinhob says:

    Someone is going to be seriously injured because of the stupidity of this crazed mayor and her boy Sacs.

  4. paco says:

    Cabby on the phone with city hall to see when the next city street painting contact up for bids !

  5. ilovenewjersey says:

    Looks like he just passed The W so he’s probably wondering what that awful chemical smell is.

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