Matt & Meera opens in Hoboken, NJ

If there was one single restaurant in Hoboken that I’d say “run, don’t walk!” that would be the newly opened Matt & Meera located at 618 Washington Street (201-683-9431).

“Local Favorites. Global Flavors.”

One might call it an Indian restaurant, but while it may have strong Indian representation – it’s far from it. Their story is:

“Come and experience a world of flavor! Matt & Meera is a place where the foods we all enjoy are re-imagined with flavors from around the globe. Chef Hari Nayak has crafted a menu that is as diverse as life in the city and yet as familiar and comforting as home cooking.

Matt & Meera is a place where you can grab a quick lunch in the middle of a busy day, or where you can get together with friends and unwind over a few of our Sharing Plates, or just stop by for a Nan-Pizza.”

Head Chef Hari Nayak has three published cookbooks

Matt & Meera is owned by Praful Nikam, and I had an opportunity to meet Manager Prashant Prajapati and Hari Nayak (who is an accomplished head chef with three wildly successful cookbooks).

The reason they took a bit longer than usual to open – was that they wanted to do it right. And boy did they!

The interior of the BYOB restaurant is well laid out, with nice earth-tone shading and comfortable seating. Their business model is fantastic too. For the first phase of their opening – they have a basic lunch menu and sharing plates (tapas style). No item on the menu is over $9. In addition, they already have their sauces and books for sale as well.

The premise is that their wide range of “dipping sauces” are meant to be cross-compatible with every single menu item.

A larger dinner menu and delivery is also coming soon.

Delicious first taste at Matt & Meera

For the purpose of this quick review – I tried the Grilled Chicken Wings (Fiery red chili wings cooked in a tandoor) and Matt’s Calamari (crispy panko-coated calamari with mustard tomato chutney).

The wings were to die for. The 700 degree oven along with the spices made for what are my favorite wings in Hoboken, hands down. The hot sauce was wonderful – but not even necessary, the wings were that amazing. Perfect low carb dish.

Matt’s Calamari were also very well done (tender, not rubbery). Those alone also didn’t need any sauce, as the coating had some kick of it’s own. The cold chutney was their take on marinara sauce, with some mustard seeds. Very nice combo.

I also tried all their other dipping sauces: Green chili & mint, Wasabi & Lime, Mustard Aioli. The chili & mint was out of this world, with the mustard coming in 2nd.

It’s nice to see a Hoboken restaurant come out of the gate with all the pieces lined up nicely. This will be in the regular rotation at Hoboken411 – both take out and dine in.

Welcome to Hoboken, Matt & Meera and best of luck!