Hoboken sets drivers up for failure with red curbs

Give the city of Hoboken a simple task – and they proceed to over-complicate it (like how when Hoboken411 suggested increasing safety at “inner corner” intersections).

Instead of just increasing the “visibility” where two traffic lanes intersect (i.e. bollards) – and simply allowing all the outbound sections parking all the way to the corner, the geniuses at City Hall had to throw a wrench into the equation.

Ridiculous time-limits and NO signage hurt drivers

So now intersections have both yellow and these new RED painted curbs. But nowhere are there signs indicating what they’re for! But I’ll explain it to you.

Red curbs: Never park there ever. That’s simple enough.

Yellow curbs: They USED to be never park there ever – but now a certain percentage of them are “sometimes” OK to park. When? 7pm to 7am. Which ones? Outbound sides of intersections.

However – one might see this as a bit confusing to drivers now. Yeah, I’m saying that this simple concept is not very simple to tell your average idiot. There are yellow curbs everywhere in Hoboken, and once you say that some yellow curbs are OK some of the time – you’re messing with the old rules everyone understood. If you really need this complication – then the “OK sometimes, but NOT OK other times” curbs shouldn’t be yellow. Make them another color (say orange?)

And lastly – the hours are ridiculous. 7am? Either expecting people to get home late from work – or be super-early risers isn’t very convenient.

But in the end, I say down with the red curbs. Too much administration. Just allow the closer corner parking all day every day – and remove the 12 hour restrictions.

This is complicated on purpose to stuff the city coffers with more money from unsuspecting drivers! All for just a measly 10 feet of parking? Unnecessary!