Always keep dogs on leash in Hoboken

Hoboken a dangerous place for unleashed dogs

As Hoboken411 sadly tweeted – a puppy was struck by a vehicle on Hudson Street last Saturday afternoon.

Sure, your dog may be obedient and under control 99.9% of the time – but it’s impossible to predict whether they’ll make that first slip (i.e., seeing a squirrel). Also even in parks that have pseudo “fences” like the one over at Elysian Park, they are not impenetrable, and say the ball you’re playing with takes a bad hop – the dog will prefer to retrieve the ball to make the owner happy – without realizing the inherent risks of fast moving traffic on Hudson Street.

Remember: Better to be safe than sorry with your four-legged friends!

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  1. Snip119 says:

    Not only do I see a lot of dogs off their leashes, but I frequently see fairly large dogs leashed to the baby carriage and the parent pushing the carriage down the street. It seems to me if those dogs decide to go after something, they’re pulling down and dragging that baby carriage and possibly injuring the baby. Wouldn’t it be safer to tie the leash to the parent, not the stroller?

    I’ve also noticed some people walking some big dogs and its very clear they really can’t handle them. If you’re going to have a large dog in an urban setting, do the right thing and have your dog professionally trained. Even then, something could distract the dog and he gets away from the owner, with possibly disastrous results if he runs into traffic like the poor puppy. BTW is there an update on the puppy?

  2. animal_lover says:

    Also note the fence height in the dog parks is quite low for all but the smallest of dogs. Many dogs for the right squirrel could jump the fence.

  3. heds says:

    I unfortunately witnessed the dog running into the road and getting run over. The dog was chasing his ball along the ground and ran straight out of the park, across the pavement and into the road and under the oncoming SUV. The driver stopped immediately and got out to help the owner. It was a horrible situation. To reiterate what Hoboken411 said: letting your dog off leash can cost it its life. Please think safety first.

  4. ktbc says:

    My condolences to those that lost their beloved dog. My heart goes out to you.

  5. animal_lover says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of your precious pup.

    Elysian park is particularly risky because of the treacherous intersection at 11th plus the lack of lighting in the evening for about the last year.

    • ktbc says:

      Yes! That intersection is dangerous for pedestrians and the lighting situation in the park is just ridiculous!! Why aren’t the lights functional? Didn’t 411 bring up this issue last year? To no availl? I was jogging through the other night and practically had to stop and walk it b/c I was afraid of breaking an ankle on unseen debris/branches/rocks. It was so dark, I couldn’t see the pathways at all. This isn’t safe for anyone.[quote comment=”216076″]I am so sorry for your loss of your precious pup.Elysian park is particularly risky because of the treacherous intersection at 11th plus the lack of lighting in the evening for about the last year.[/quote]

  6. pawzclawz says:

    I really feel bad about the loss of your puppy. An unleashed dog equals disaster.

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