Bhalla goes against campaign promises in Hoboken

6/14/2012 Update:

So coward City Council member Ravi Bhalla – who was given the same exact treatment any other driver in Hoboken would have received when he got pulled over the other day – is now trying to weasel his way out of it.

He’s claiming all sorts of technicalities – such as a ticket in NYC (probably another moving violation – NOT just an innocent parking ticket), and other “paperwork” related snafus.

He also said he’s going to fight the ticket in court. What kind of squirreling politician does that? Oh yeah, Ravi would. Anything to “save face.”

He should BE A MAN – and back up his own 2009 campaign promise for PEDESTRIAN SAFETY – where he boldly wanted Hoboken to “enforce crosswalk rules and ticket motorists who routinely roll through busy intersections.” I guess for Ravi, red lights and clear signage applies to everyone but him.

Vote this hypocrite out!

Hoboken Council Prez Bhalla breaks law, unqualified to drive


Found out from my contact at City Hall, that Hoboken City Council President Ravi Bhalla was up to no good today.

Known for his questionable involvement in Pay to Play laws, Hoboken411 found out that Mr. Bhalla was pulled over today for violating a no turn on red traffic signal (probably endangering pedestrians at the same time.)

In addition to receiving a summons for that violation, it turned out he didn’t have an insurance card, and was driving WITHOUT a valid license. His license was not only expired – but SUSPENDED.

How can you respect these people “in power,” when they cannot even keep their own house in good standing and follow common laws?