Unique to Hoboken: Molly’s Milk Truck

While Hoboken411 probably will not eat at Molly’s Milk Truck due to their lack of low-carb options, I have to say that their whole “package” is very appealing.

From the slick design of the truck, to the well-made website, it’s clear that the owners of Molly’s Milk Truck have some very good business acumen. Great layout, full social network connectivity, and from what I can see – a wide range of “fun” and tasty sounding dishes that will have great appeal to the masses. You can even order online!

Have you eaten at Molly’s Milk Truck yet?

Description: Local Hoboken food truck serving breakfast and lunch. MENU.
Address: Varies – see website and social networks for latest location.
Web: http://mollysmilktruck.com