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What do you do with your unwanted clothes in Hoboken?

People often ask for advice regarding what to do with their unwanted clothing.

Many times, when doing some spring cleaning project – so much clothing is collected, that one might actually feel guilty getting rid of it. Whether they feel bad that someone in need might benefit, or remorseful that they spent so much money, that they’d want to recoup some of the expense.

One good way to accomplish both – is to donate to the Salvation Army.

They have two nearby locations (Jersey City and Union City). Not only will someone else benefit, you’ll also qualify for healthy tax deductions.

You can also see a longer list of places that accept donations in the area here.

Unwanted clothing: What do you do?

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Hoboken “We Must Care” drop boxes

FYI – Some of you might have seen a couple of these “We Must Care” drop boxes around town (one at 13th & Madison, the other in the Rite Aid parking lot at 13th & Willow.)

Not sure about you, but I’d be a bit leery to use these, as I’m not 100% sure this charity is still in operation. The We Must Care website is defunct, and the phone number goes to some generic non-identifying voice mail. Anyone know if they’re still in business?

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5 Comments on "Clothing Donations"

3 years 7 months ago

I’d be afraid to know what’s really in those boxes. Possibly some clues to help solve a crime.

3 years 7 months ago

its a scam they clean the clothing and ship it to China. Its all over the net.

3 years 7 months ago

I drop off mine at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

3 years 7 months ago

I wash my donation and bring directly to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter too. FYI, they are always grateful for mens jeans and coats!

The christian based charities unfortunately have stuck their noses into public debates that have nothing to do with helping the poor, so I stopped donating to St. Mary’s and the Salvation Army years ago.

The Collection bins are a scam….some collect your clothes then sell them by the pound to used clothing shops and supposedly then donate the cash to charity, uh huh. [quote comment=”216019″]I drop off mine at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.[/quote]

3 years 7 months ago

I drop off all clothes a the numerous drop-off bins in the parking lot of the Bed, Bath, Beyond/Shop-Rite parking lot in Newport, Jersey City. Furniture, I either sell or donate to the Salvation Army (they’ll come pick it up for free!). Any other household items go to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter on the corner of 3rd and Bloomfield. The items go to formerly homeless people they find homes for to help get them started. I was unaware the shelter took clothes as well. I’ll be sure to send some their way in the future.