In the end – do Hoboken bike lanes make a difference?

You ever wonder if all these markings, signs, directions, rules, and vain attempts to create order in our society have gone past the tipping point already? Take a look at this chaotic scene on River St. this week. Yikes!

Sure, there are so-called “studies” that claim that bike lanes help control the masses and prevent accidents. But I am skeptical about most studies that are published, because they usually are slanted to achieve a means to an end. Just look at that ridiculous cholesterol study that coerced people into avoiding bacon and eggs, and spurned the whole low-fat food industry. Decades later? Obesity and diabetes is at an all time high. My guess is that the bike studies also dabbled in fraud and fudging to promote their socialist platform.

I liken these bike lanes to sunscreen (that’s another big scam). Since the 70′s, skin cancer rates have gone up exponentially, despite the SPF1000 lotions, and so on. For starters, the sunscreen actually blocked out the good Vitamin-D from the sun, and secondly they gave people a false sense of confidence that they could stay all day on the beach, as long as they had the sunblock on. Whoops! Rule of thumb? Avoid sunscreen AND extended periods in the sun (maybe 30 min. at most?)

Same thing with these bike lanes. Of course, *some* drivers “obey” the lines and make life easier for the biker, but not all. The problem here is that many bikers themselves have a false sense of security from the lines that were specially made just for them. This in turn causes many bikers to lower their awareness and end up breaking an arm flipping over a car door, or even worse, getting killed.

When a government spends all sorts of money creating these “safety nets,” I really don’t think it makes a damn bit of difference. In the end, it could even make it worse because it’s distracting!

Hoboken411 reader Kathryn sent in this additional photo of the River Street striping that took place this week. The friggin’ bike marking is in the middle of the road! WTF is that?