Johnny Pepperoni – Now Open!


Johnny Pepperoni – 219 11th Street – (201)850-1533

Hoboken’s newest restaurant Johnny Pepperoni is now open.

Right now, the do not have delivery (coming soon), nor do they sell individual slices of pizza. But you’re welcome to BYOB and enjoy their food indoors or out.

See Johnny Pepperoni Menu here.

Johnny Pepperoni in Hoboken NJ almost done!


Another quick update for Johnny Pepperoni Pizza & Italian Restaurant at 11th & Park Ave. While May probably won’t see a grand opening, June definitely will!

They’re practically done – and will likely have a quiet friends & family test in the next week or so, and will possibly open a week or two after. Keep in mind that the owners will also be placing emphasis on the many other fine Italian dishes besides pizza, and may not sell by the slice (at least in the beginning). Seating capacity is at around 60 for the inside, and 60 or so for outdoor seating. And yes, it’s a BYOB restaurant – which is excellent!

One thing they told me they’re not going to do – is officially open on a busy night near a weekend. So it’ll probably be a slow ramp-up to full service operation.

Johnny Pepperoni should open this month

May 4, 2011:

Finally got what I hope is a definitive time-frame for the new Johnny Pepperoni Pizza restaurant to open at 11th & Park.

The interior is shaping up, and workers on scene this week said “two to three weeks.” So, with any luck – we’ll be enjoying some tasty pizza before June!

3/15/2011 Update:

Johnny Pepperoni Pizza may be opening soon!

The build progress over at the upcoming Johnny Pepperoni Pizza place at 11th & Park has been rather slow since the last update back in August 2010.

However, “signs of life” have been injected into the new restaurant – and it seems like they’re getting close to wrapping up the interior – and even began painting what one would assume is their new logo on the eastern side of the establishment.

Hopefully they’ll open up soon – like this month?

PS – will eventually retire this thread (which also contains the old Ted & Jo’s info) and create a fresh entry once Johnny Pepperoni officially opens.

8/2/2010 Update:

Starting to look like a pizzeria!

The old Ted & Jo’s location at 11th and Park is finally seeing some progress. Last I heard, this spot was being taken over by the owners of LUA and City Bistro – and one proposed name was “Johnny Pepperoni.” Not 100% certain if all those details are intact – but it definitely looks like the Hoboken pizza landscape is improving (with Dozzino Pizza also coming soon at 6th and Adams).

Will there be any “pizza fatalities” once two new choices are available? If so – who’d be the first victim?

4/8/2010 Update:

Johnny Pepperoni finally taking shape in Hoboken?

Things change so fast in this town – you never know what will really “stick.” The restaurant space at the old Ted & Jo’s location at 11th and Park has been vacant for quite a while – and even though the update from five months ago pointed towards the owners of City Bistro and LUA taking over the joint – not much had been happening – Real Estate signs still up, etc. Supposedly now work has picked up again.

Last I heard – they were going to name the place “Johnny Pepperoni” – which was one of the nicknames that co-owner John Avoletta had while working his way into the restaurant industry.

We’ll see what pans (hahah) out.

11/30/2009 Update:

More delicious pizza for Hoboken?

Rumor has it that the owners of City Bistro and LUA have decided to take over the old Ted & Jo’s location which closed more than a year and a half ago – to open up a new Pizza Parlor (sans liquor license) sometime in early 2010.

If this holds up – how do you feel about that?


See original Ted & Jo’s entry below…


I might have had my last burger at Ted & Jo’s last night.

In an apparent rent increase that was too much to handle, the beloved corner restaurant at 11th & Park will supposedly be closing it’s doors next Wednesday, March 26th.

If this holds true, you might want to get down there for your last meal and pint before they’re gone forever. I’m surprised that a successful and well-established restaurant is forced to close. Maybe the landlord will change their mind? Can an organized boycott of whatever replaces T&J’s change things?

Regardless, you can always head down to Zack’s for similar food.



Corner Restaurant & Bar

Description – Casual Restaurant & Bar serving American cuisine. Entrée price range $6-$16.
Services –
Restaurant & Bar Address – 219 11th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4323
Telephone – (201) 222-6670

ted and jos.JPG

After a long busy day with zero food or drink, Ted & Jo's seemed to be a great choice for some quick grub.

At approximately 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon, the bar was quite busy (perhaps because The Masters was on TV). We were able to snag a small table along the wall. Perfect.

Being a resident of Hoboken for over 9 years, this certainly wasn't close to being my first time, but it had been over 6 months since I dined there.

ted n jos inside.JPG

Ordered the standard beers, one Guiness and a Coors Light Draft (which I gag just thinking about, but it wasn't me.)

Observation: I really cannot stand when they're cheap with the glass sizes, ESPECIALLY for a Guiness. A Guiness should ALWAYS be served in a 20oz. Imperial Pint glass.. not this skimpy 14.9 oz "I'm pretending to be a pint" glass. Bullshit.

I've always thought the food was pretty above-average there, but I just went with the tried and true bacon cheeseburger (medium-rare). While the bacon was limp (must have been nuked), the quality of the ground beef is exceptional. Not the best in Hoboken, but very close. The fries have remained consistent and still taste light, fluffy on the inside, with just the right amount of crisp.

Observation: I really think the waitress we had (she's been there for awhile) is a doll, but she forgot: Water from the beginning, and condiments when the entrees arrived (and 14 minutes after as well). I wish she was a bit more on the ball. I'll give her another shot, because she's cute.

My friend ordered the balsamic chicken with tomato and mozzarella. That was delicious.

Other than cheap alcohol portions pissing me off, we had a great meal as always.

I'd consider Ted & Jo's a reliable staple in Hoboken, and would never hesitate to continue my patronage. Good job overall!

ted n joe burger and chicken.JPG

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8 years 11 months ago

Still the best bar food in Hoboken. Great burgers, awesome bangers & mash, and authentic fish & chips. As the review says, a true Hoboken staple.

8 years 11 months ago

My favorite place, period; best burger, period.

8 years 11 months ago

big fan as well, and love the burger, just wish they could improve the bun… so pasty white, seems like they didn’t finish baking it…

The specials are always top notch too.

8 years 11 months ago

I like Ted and Joe’s, but I think Zack’s downtown has better burgers and food.

8 years 11 months ago

I’m with KLB — great burger — the bun is the only failing. Does Zack’s use the same bun?

Excellent Fish and Chips, and the specials are always good. T&Js is our Friday night dinner spot…