“Marshall Terrace” at 100-132 Marshall Street in Hoboken

A lot of folks in Hoboken are wondering about the project nestled between the towering SkyClub condo building and the 2nd Street Light rail station.

What you have going in this little sliver of land is called Marshall Terrace.

81 new Hoboken residential units at Marshall Terrace

Approved over seven years ago – Marshall Terrace was designed to be a split-level kind of mixed use apartment building with one seven-story section and one six-story section and close to 100 residential apartments, plus parking spots and street-level retail. The approximately 30,000 square foot site is around 450 feet long, and about 70 feet deep.

Over the years, the project has gone through various changes in density and layout, requiring several variance adjustments.

As far as we last saw – the building height has been lowered one story (less parking), but residential units were increased (smaller apartments).

The northern part of the building which is the first phase of the project – will be four residential stories (over one parking level), and the southern part of the building butting Paterson Plank Road (phase II) will the taller section – with five stories over one parking level. This entire property will have two relatively modest retail spaces between 1100 and 1350 square feet.

Residents have emailed Hoboken411 and have been somewhat puzzled by this project. What do you think about it? Is this a “desirable” spot in town?