Online shoppers in Hoboken may need Amazon alternative in 2013

Ask any UPS driver in Hoboken what the #1 retail outlet they deliver on a weekly basis is – and they’ll undoubtedly say

Amazon is a great retail site, offering shoppers the lowest prices, biggest selection (practically anything you need!), quick delivery times, and excellent customer service. NJ shoppers are also lucky, because since Amazon doesn’t have any corporate presence in New Jersey, according to the law, we do not have to pay sales tax on the transaction. However, you’re technically supposed to list those transactions on your annual return, but most people didn’t know that – so the “revenue” isn’t collected by the state.

Well, NJ Governor Chris Christie announced a deal today that Amazon will begin collecting tax starting on July 1, 2013. Apparently a distribution center might open in the future, and the state may subsidize it in some way.

This will likely mean tens of millions of “found money” for the state (and less for the people, who are also getting bludgeoned at the toll booths – without a peep from anyone up top.) Everyone wins, except me and you. Any talk of “bringing jobs to the state” is has minute impact.

Are you a regular shopper at Amazon? Will you find alternatives next year? Who?