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Consumption “mountain ranges” prevalent in Hoboken

Updating this post from a couple years ago – where we documented how “consumer-driven” we have become just by looking at the massive mountains of garbage all over the place.

Seems to be getting worse.

Take a look at this mega-mound of refuse over at Starbucks uptown. It’s getting so bad over there, that they actually had to augment the number of cans they use. Does every food “transaction” in life involve wrappers, bags, disposable utensils and packaging? Looks that way to me.

excessive garbage in Hoboken NJ starbucks

And outside one of the luxury apartment buildings uptown, this wall of black bags was quite ominous in fact. If it toppled over, certainly an infant or animal could sustain injuries. Heck, maybe even one of those “smart cars,” too! What are these people throwing out exactly? I thought this town was all about “renewable” and other crap like that.

consumer driven great wall of crap in Hoboken NJ

Hoboken provides proof we’re an overly consumer-driven society

5/31/2012 Update:

Spotted this heaping mound of refuse near Maxwell Place the other day… Massive! And I spoke with a worker on scene, who said that this was just a day or two worth of garbage produced by just ONE of the two properties there. Holy moly!

No matter what angle I tried shooting this shot from, it did not accurately portray how much rubbish people produce these days.

Do you think our society is overly consumer-driven?