30 Second Review: Papaya Dog 55 Newark St. in Hoboken

Yeah, Papaya Dog has been open for a few weeks in downtown Hoboken. We checked it out last week, and below are our (me and Oscar’s) quick observations:

  • We eat low carb, so the menu was limited. Ate a regular hot dog ($0.99) and a “sausage” ($2.50), both without the bun or condiments. Talk about getting down to basics!
  • The hot dog was pretty good. Not bad for a buck (Not sure if the November promotion is still on, though).
  • Now this is where it gets weird. The “sausage,” definitely looked “different” than the hot dog (shorter, darker) – it even had little red spices resembling peppers or something like that. However, it tasted pretty much exactly like the hot dog. And two and a half times more costly.
  • I ate half of each, and gave the rest to my pooch. He ate them, didn’t get sick, no bowel irregularities. That alone, gives Papaya dog a “passing” grade.

Overall – they should do OK considering the late night drunk crowd. The interior was very odd, though. Didn’t feel the Feng Shui with the layout whatsoever.

Do you dig this place yet?


Papaya Dog to open in Hoboken, NJ


Other than your standard hot dog carts, Hoboken was surprisingly void of official hot dog stores/franchises – until 2012!

With Jersey Favorite Windmill Hot Dogs opening up at 79 Hudson St. earlier this year, and straight from NYC – Papaya Dog set to open up at the former Hoboken Pizza location at 55 Newark St. soon, we have officially been placed on the hot dog destination map.

However, you might not want to get too excited – a New York foodie blog serious eats did a write up about the dogs in the city a few years back – and basically said that Papaya Dog was an inferior competitor to the reigning champs Gray’s Papaya and Papaya King.

But I guess when you’re three sheets to the wind – it may not matter…

Description: Hot dog chain
Address: 55 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Raining Hot Dogs in Hoboken


According to Hoboken411 reader nbm3, the defunct Hoboken Pizza place may be turning into a hot dog joint.

“I believe there is a Papaya variation hot dog place to be opening up soon in the spot of the Hoboken Pizza place, from the people of Basile’s Pizza.

With WindMill Hot Dogs literally right around the corner – very weird that another one would open up so close. Good idea or bad?