Some trees in Hoboken suffer

Are you peeved by stapled trees in Hoboken?

Hoboken411 reader hansbrix sent in the photo below – and said it was one of his “pet peeves.” This was located along Sinatra Drive near Club H.

Does it bother you when someone staples an advertisement to a living, breathing tree?

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  1. xxrjxx says:

    Reminds me of the time I was walking down Newark past the auto parts store at Newark and Willow-there’s a Japanese cherry tree that was painted blue and yellow. Anyone who knows these trees know that they give off tons of beautiful pink blossoms in the springtime, but not this one–the paint had obviously stunted its growth. My two nieces said ‘oh what pretty colors.’ I said: “Really. And how would you feel if you were dipped in blue and yellow?” I might have overreacted a touch. 😆

  2. prag says:

    If I see signs on trees I simply remove them.

  3. Snip119 says:

    Who’s the jerk on 14th Street who keeps using the trees as a personal bike rack? That’s what peeves me! And I hope every dog in town pees on your bike!

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