The Eyebrow Place 2

The Eyebrow Place 2 open in Hoboken, NJ

I’m amazed that how less than one square inch of hair on your face can spawn an entire industry! What makes eyebrows so special, but other body parts like ear-lobes, elbows, and knee-caps have no such store? A mystery for sure.

Description: Eyebrow styling and care.
Address: 109 14th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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  1. eyebrows says:

    get ur eyebrows shaped with thread or wax At EYEBROW PLACE 2
    services : waxing, facials, threading ,brazillian, bikini,eyebrow and lash tinting , permenant eyelash extensions , henna tattoo much much more inquire within

  2. Snip119 says:

    Just on a whim, after getting my hair cut right next door I checked out the eyebrow place. I had my eyebrows threaded. She did a terrific job, was quick and it wasn’t expensive ($12.00).

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