Chandelier Room celebrates three years

W Hotel’s Chandelier Room celebrates 3-years in Hoboken

Those of you that frequent The Chandelier Room over at the W Hotel will be interested to know about the big three-year birthday party they’ll be celebrating this Tuesday, April 17th at 8pm.

Music by “DJ Chachi” and some sneak surprises as well. Email to get on the invite list. Dress to impress!

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  1. spiffy says:

    Does anyone who actually lives in Hoboken go to this place? I don’t know a single one!

  2. 212transplant says:

    If you want real New York, best bet is to head to the city right across the river.

  3. LobstaGirl says:

    W = Worst place in town. W = Wannabe’s.

    • hobokenite0 says:

      Agreed. This place is absolutely terrible.[quote comment=”215104″]W = Worst place in town. W = Wannabe’s.[/quote]

      • TCC says:

        2010 – Snoop Dog. 2011 – P Ditty stopped by. 2012 – DJ Chachi. Notice a trend? As a neighbor, we’ve detested The W since day 1. But this annual party, despite their continued attempts with louder music, lights, etc., is merely a celebration of an opening and a once cool, and successful, spot. They try to keep the party going into the night, disrespecting us neighbors as they often do with the music and crowds outside, but the place was a ghost-town by 11:45pm. No more lines of buses and limos as with years past. We love Zylo, but The W and Chandelier Room are a joke, and an expensive one at that. [quote comment=”215105″]Agreed. This place is absolutely terrible.[/quote]

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