New Hoboken Phrase: “Drunk Bread Crumbs”

Not a weekend goes past in Hoboken where you don’t see some kind of (insert one of the following: destruction, article of clothing, pile of garbage, bodily fluid, partially eaten food) that is a direct result of excess drinking and the associated poor judgment and idiotic behavior.

I hereby declare these moments: Hoboken Drunk Bread Crumbs,” and this will be a new photo category here on Hoboken411 going forward.

Today’s Hoboken Drunk Bread Crumbs entry is: Two slices of pizza and a beverage container on the curb near Maxwell’s one early morning this past weekend. What a waste!

[PS - if you have "Drunk Bread Crumb" images you'd like to share - send them to Hoboken411 for eventual publication! Please state where the picture was taken, and how you'd like to be credited!]