Krystal plays McCarthy`s Pub

6/18/2010 Update:

Krystal gets new guitarist; show on Saturday

KRYSTAL will be performing in Hoboken this coming Saturday, it’s been a while and they have a new Guitarist which is well known to the Hoboken born and raised community.

Where: McCarthy’s Pub‎ (104 Hudson Street)
When: Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 10pm ($10 Cover)
Note: The entrance was just recently switched from Hudson Street to Court Street, which is between Washington St and Hudson Street.

The band says “You really don’t want to miss this one, our first time in Hoboken with our newest member of the band, GARY ROZ! We have never sounded better!”

Here’s a video Hoboken411 made nearly three years ago when they made their triumphant return to Hoboken at the 2007 Italian Festival:

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Playing at Maxwell’s on Saturday 12/22/2007.

They said:

“Krystal, Hoboken’s Band, is coming to Maxwell’s on Saturday, 12/22/07. The band would like to invite all of their friends and fans to join them for a night of music, fun, and good times. Krystal will be performing all of their original songs, now available on iTunes. Links can be found on the band’s MySpace page, and also on their Reverb Nation page. The band will also be doing their classics of Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and a few others.

Playing in their hometown has always been a heart pumping event for the members John Vincent Olsen, Dom Menge, Billy Roz, Dave Florio, and Gerard Ciandella, and the band is hoping for a record crowd to help them be asked back to Maxwell’s for a possible date in January, to host a CD release party that they are now recording in Water Music Studio in Hoboken. Please accept this invitation, and come see and hear a great night of music with Krystal!”

I ran into former (for now) Councilman Michael Cricco the other day, and he was pleased to tell me about this upcoming act in Hoboken. He knows Krystal very well, as they rehearsed in his basement for over three years, and feels like family to him. Anyone that covers Led Zeppelin is A-OK with me! So check them out!

Press Release:
Krystal, Hoboken’s own rock band extraordinaire of the late 70’s and 80’s has reunited and announced three upcoming performances. Krystal will be appearing at the Italian Festival on Frank Sinatra Drive on Sunday September 9th at 3:00pm to 4:00pm to launch the reunion. Krystal will then be at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival on Sunday September 30th at 3:00pm, on the 6th Street stage and also at the Whiskey Bar, Hoboken’s favorite venue for live music located at 125 Washington Street on Wednesday October 3rd.

Returning members will be John Vincent Olsen, lead vocalist and acoustic guitar, Dominick Menge, lead guitar and vocals, Gerard Ciandella, drums and vocals, Billy Roz, bass guitar and vocals and Dave Florio on keyboards.

(The first “River City Fair” in 1980. Now known as the Arts & Music Festival)

Krystal was extremely popular in the late 70’s as teenagers filling high school halls such as St. Joseph’s High School with thousands in attendance per event. Famous for their renditions of Led Zeppelin songs and other acts like Bad Company, Kansas, Styx and other popular 70’s artists, Krystal created quite a buzz around the State of New Jersey. The band later hit the club circuit drawing record crowds, performing weekly at the Bloomfield Street Café Hoboken’s popular rock club for upcoming artists of the 80’s, and random appearances at Maxwell’s, Hoboken’s number one rock club. All members are home grown Hoboken musicians.

Later the band began writing their own original music, and became a thriving force of pure rock and roll. Playing original clubs such as Kenny’s Castaways and The Bitter End, on Bleeker Street, in New York’s Greenwich Village, and the Jersey Shore’s Stone Pony regularly. Krystal won first place at the Sandy Hook Battle of the Bands, over hundreds of other acts. Krystal also was featured on NBC’s Hard Copy, showing their live performance in reference to the Milli Vanilli scandal, and ending the show with the words “whatever happened to good live rock n’ roll?” as they showed Krystal perform live at Kenny’s Castaways. Krystal also performed at the very first River City Fair which is now known as the Arts and Music Festival located in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Please accept the invitation to join Krystal again as they begin their road for future success. See you on September 9th at 3:00pm.

In a blast from the past, check out this NY Times article from 1985, which references many Hoboken businesses that are no longer.

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strand tramp
8 years 5 months ago

wait a minute, i think they used to be called Krystal Ship, and did a full Doors show. i don’t remember much zeppelin at their shows, more of the kansas and styx pop crap; radio music…and then a bunch of Doors songs (if this is the same group) they did great Doors covers if you’re into the Doors. and they had a real big following down the shore. i saw them at Tradewinds i think.

8 years 5 months ago

Krystal was an incredibly popular band in the 70’s and 80’s in Hudson County. All members are Hoboken born and raised. They didn’t do the Doors as I recall, but great Zeppelin, The Who, Rod Stewart and The Faces, etc. They did Closer To Home better than Grand Funk did. Krystal also did some of their own music which was just incredible. I always expected to hear them on the radio someday. It’s never too late! John, Dominick, Dave, Gerard and Roz had a little reunion concert several months ago that I had the absolute pleasure of attending. I can… Read more »

8 years 5 months ago

I remenber this band back in the 70’s and 80’s and they were a great band, they played some covers and had some fantastic original music. They are not krystal ship, Krystal ship played the doors this band played everything. Look forward to hearing them again. If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s they you will remember this band.

8 years 5 months ago

I am sure Cricco’s neighbors must have loved them practicing in his basement for 3 years. Nothing like hearing Black Dog while you are trying to play Jenga.

8 years 5 months ago

I agree with ccalaw about how they played Zeppelin, but I also remember their original music was EXCELLENT!!! What a showman John was…The presence they all had onstage was phenominal!!! I’am so excited they are back together…I am definately going to the show on the 9th and any other shows they will be doing and I’ll bring a mass of people with me…I was also fortunate enough to see them in February and they are as good as they were in the 70’s and 80’s…Not one of them have lost any spark of energy or anything that they’ve always had,… Read more »