Sexual Assault Uptown

Hoboken ladies beware: Sexual assault uptown

Another reason why walking alone late at night isn’t always a good idea.

This past weekend, a woman who resides uptown on Hudson Street was sexually assaulted (inappropriate touching) by an unknown assailant as she entered her apartment. Apparently, this man followed her home from the Hoboken PATH station at around 2am, and rushed towards her in the vestibule of her building.

The incident took place very quickly, and police said the victim was unable to get a good enough look her attacker before he fled.

Best bet when going home late at night (especially when alcohol is involved) is to travel in groups, or take a taxi home!

4 Responses

  1. spiffy says:

    How do you not see someone touching you?

    • NorthKrissy says:

      When they do it from behind.

      But that’s scary, these are nice neighborhoods up here. Add to shopping list: mace![quote comment=”214952″]How do you not see someone touching you?[/quote]

  2. CityGirlinHoboken says:

    Ummmmm……did they release the creep who grabbed ME in November?!?!?!?!?!? Jesus.

  3. Journey says:

    They make pepper spray with UV dye in it. Makes it easier for the cops to identify the perp.

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