Here we have 411 reader “-M-” making some observations about the mini ShopRite “park”:

“That Shop-Rite park that everyone makes fun of? What is up with it?

I had to park up there tonight. So I get out of the car and I was talking on my cell phone for a few minutes and it slowly catches up with me that the park is in rough shape. It looks like no one has been out there to maintain it in quite some time.

Just to give some examples, the plantings have started to grow out of their boxes and annex a few of the park benches. Around the edges the perimeter is covered in like an inch or so of sand piling up in drifts. There is graffiti on the chessboards, which don’t look like they’re being used for chess given the even dozen Heineken bottlecaps scattered on the ground.

There is a lot of trash and construction debris, maybe from the building next door. I was thinking it was storm debris, but some of it was stacked up, like a sheet of plywood was under an empty cannister of roofing tar.

What gives? Compared with the other parks in town, isn’t this one relatively new? Wasn’t this supposed to be the model of developer give-back? I know nobody uses it, but it seems the city has just . . . forgotten about it.

- M -”