Major Fire – 917 Clinton St.

Wedding dress saved in 917 Clinton St. fire in Hoboken, NJ

3/18/2012 Update:

Here’s a nice follow-up to the fire story from ABC7 Eyewitness News:

Fire at 917 Clinton St. in Hoboken Contained – no fatalities


As always – Hoboken411 reports – and all the other douchebags follow.

Well – here we are again with another HOBOKEN411 EXCLUSIVE.

There was a semi-major fire at 917 Clinton Street tonight (including a collapsed ceiling and at least one burn victim), but it seems as if it was brought under control before the block burned to the ground (as it did in the 1990’s).

Here’s a quick photo gallery of the scene. People were in good spirits in general, considering their whole lives didn’t go up in smoke. There were other bystanders who were heavily obese and suffering from beer-induced diabetes – but you can look how to cure that in the Hoboken411 Low Carb Life section.

Hoboken fire at 917 Clinton Street

Hoboken Fire Department is reporting a major fire at 917 Clinton Street near the top floors.

Heavy smoke conditions, poor visibility, and elderly residents struggling to evacuate. Stay tuned. This is already a two alarm fire.

HFD said “At least three apartments are on fire….”

Remember, this was the site of a massive fire years ago that destroyed half the block.

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  1. philthee says:

    Looked like a small electrical fire. But how do you hold tenants responsible if it was deemed their fault? Possible it was a cheap ceramic heater or other irresponsible implementation.

  2. klaatu says:

    HFD risked their lives to save a wedding dress.

    • green giant says:

      The wedding dress that was saved was for a wedding that actually taking place this afternoon. Luckily the dress and everybody got out of the building without major injuries.[quote comment=”214630″]HFD risked their lives to save a wedding dress.[/quote]

  3. AMG1055 says:

    Good job again by the fire dept. Really being put to the test the past couple months.

  4. back-draft says:

    Very lucky that the fire didn’t get out of control would have been a disaster!

  5. escaped68 says:

    TICK TOCK TICK TOCK that’s the sound of the count down clock as it runs down before the next big one. The HFD are good men, badly undermanned because of her highnesses and her court of flunkies but they will and I pray not that will big too big for the undermanned dept. The most important time is the first 5 minutes and I hope they have enough manpower on scene in those critical minutes.
    Mayor you are playing a game of russian roulette with the citizens of hoboken and members of the firemen. So wake up before its too late

  6. Mavrande says:

    This was a small fire, but it was definitely a tough one. I saw EMS loading firefighters two to an ambulance, at least twice, and they pretty much constantly had someone on oxygen. That might be because the initial attack was tough – that’s what it sounded like on the radio at least. They were having issues getting the building evacuated because many residents were elderly, and as a result they had some trouble getting the first attack line up to the fire floor. But this could have been much worse. If that fire had jumped to the next building through the walls and floors, it would probably have been able to get into most buildings in that block before anyone saw it.

  7. HansBrix says:

    Re: the 1990s fire – was that the one caused by a resident who put a candle by the drapes – then left the apartment door open so that the HFD “could find the fire” thereby allowing the fire to spread more quickly?

    Anyway “tick tock….” is right. Just hope the next one stays far away.

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