Is Hoboken unlawfully charging drivers who pay via credit cards?

Hoboken411 has received countless emails from residents and visitors alike – who are using the new robotic muni-meters placed throughout the city.

The big “hurrah” with these new meters was, according to the city, that you “don’t have to fumble for quarters anymore,” since the new pick-pockets meters are modern and accept credit or debit cards.

The general problem which the city failed to mention – is that if you want to just park for 15 minutes to pick up your dry cleaning or groceries, and have no quarters – you will not pay 25 cents if you pay by credit card.

The city charges you the FULL $2.00 when paying with plastic.

Is a class-action lawsuit against HPU on the horizon in Hoboken?

I’d recommend anyone who pays via credit card and gets charged the full amount DISPUTE THAT CHARGE with your credit card company. Because the fact that there is no disclosure on the meter itself – and the machine charges you at the end (you have no way of backing out).

That is deceptive and fraudulent.

In fact – God knows how many people have been charged this full amount in total since the meters were rolled out – it could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars already – and might be worthy for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

Any hungry lawyers out there?