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Hotel Victor Bar & Grill to provide fun atmosphere in Hoboken

Had a chance to speak with Hotel Victor Bar & Grill Owner David Ruosso the other day – and got a little information about what the status of the old Hobson’s Choice is.

Basically – interior renovations are coming along smoothly. A refinished bar, new flooring, updated tiles and more tables will add to the brighter feel of the spruced up establishment. David said he hopes to have some kind of “friends and family” soft opening within the first two weeks of April, with an official grand opening later in the month.

The available alcohol selections are fundamental, “we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel,” said Ruosso. About 15 different tap beers and a wide-ranging list of bottled wines. The food menu will be basic as well – from light finger-food to slightly more upscale entrees.

Ruosso was able to contact the actual Victor family who owned the bar back in the early 1900′s, and still have two restaurants in Glen Rock and Fairlawn. Amazingly, he got an authentic photo (circa 1916) of the original Victor grandfather standing behind the bar. The image is being preserved and framed by Mimosa Digital right here in Hoboken – and will be one of the first pictures you see upon entering the establishment.

Additionally – they’re trying to restore and preserve the old Hotel Victor sign, and illuminate it with white neon light (it was lit up pink back in the day). That would add a fantastic feel to downtown Hoboken, and become a great beacon for visitors and residents alike.

When asked what he wants customers to feel when they think of Hotel Victor, Ruosso said “We want be like when you visit a hotel bar on vacation – people tend to have lots of fun in that relaxed atmosphere.”

Life after Hobson’s in Hoboken: Hotel Victor Bar and Grill


After serving patrons for 15 years – popular downtown watering hole Hobson’s Choice located at 77 Hudson Place closed down late in January 2012.

But never fear – a new bar, now called Hotel Victor Bar and Grill is set to re-open relatively soon.

The establishment isn’t going through major renovations other than an superficial interior facelift, improved bathrooms, and bringing the space “up to code.”

Stay tuned!

Description: Bar & Restaurant located downtown near the PATH station. Formerly Hobson’s Choice.
Address: 77 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: Facebook
Phone: (201)420-0070