Hoboken Police Blotter: LepreCon 2012

Howard Stern talks about stupid Lepre-Con drunks in Hoboken (again)

Just like last year – radio host Howard Stern once again talked about the drunken antics associated with organized drinking at Hoboken LepreCon.

But just like this event which paled in comparison to parades of the past – Stern only briefly spoke about this year’s “pub crawl” (but read the Hoboken411 Police Blotter again!)


Hoboken LepreCon Crime and Fire Action Blotter

3/4/2012 Update:

All in all, the Hoboken “Lepre-Con” was both good and bad.

Good – because overall, the severity of the nonsense was likely only 25% of what it was during previous parade years. As one Hoboken411 commenter said along the lines of “so much for social networking effectiveness…”

Bad – because we still had more quality of life issues than necessary – and even some business owners (especially uptown) reported substantially less revenue than in the past. Apparently this Lepre-Con event was a secret privately run gig that didn’t include the whole city – just those bars that kissed each others behinds. Who knows. But one thing for certain, the absence of the parade (which covered the entire main avenue) also played a role.

What will 2013 bring? Time will tell!

Hoboken Police Blotter for LepreCon 2012

1:25am: Disorderly person “knocking on doors” at 151 9th StreetI just need ONE more drink!

1:20am: 1st & Willow – intoxicated girl requires EMS aid. I can see a new bar special in the future: “Buy two drinks get free ambulance ride!”

12:25am: Unknown person knocking on doors at 521 Jefferson St., “possibly passed out now…” Man I just needed to lay down in a nice bed!

12:23am: 1302 Bloomfield, “disorderly house party” going on. HPD en route to check out if they have any tasty appetizers left.

12:16am: 2nd & Garden – another report of a street fight.

12:15am: Reports of a street fight on Washington St. between 8th & 9th. Mad that Lepre-Con was only 1/4 of what the St. Patty’s Parade was?

11:46pm: “Man down” in hallway at 311 Willow Ave. (across from the hospital). How convenient!

10:36pm: Car crash at 11th & Willow. Guess all those flashing lights from the previous call distracted the drunk drivers who were busy texting.

Network News: Hoboken featured on Channel 7 Eyewitness News today…

10:20pm: Disorderly party at 11th & Willow. HPD rushing to break it up.

10:08pm: Hoboken411 reader David witnessed this debacle near 12th and Adams – a tow truck botched a removal – effectively blocking the road for over an hour and a half.
[DDET ►► Click to reveal photo]


9:55pm: Another street fight at 10th & Clinton, resulting in a “man down.” Wonder if the city will pick up the tab for some referees for these fights since they’re paying for other stuff like crappers…

9:45pm: Man assaulted at 9th & Park – actors fled west on 9th. The freaks come out at night!

9:05pm: Intoxicated male at 203 Washington St. receiving medical treatment (for his lack of judgment and self-control. Does health insurance cover that?)

8:55pm: Seems like the city is more like a typical Saturday night at the start of summer at this point…

8:38pm: Street fight at 1st & River. Black-Eye-Con.

8:37pm: Street fight at 2nd & Clinton. Drunk-Con.

8:18pm: Street fight at 4th & Hudson. Angry-Con.

8:14pm: Disorderly tickets issued at 158 1st Street – HPD noted what big mouths the lucky recipients of the wallet-plundering fines had. Lack of respect also costs you money!

8:08pm: One man is two grand poorer – gets ticket for public drinking at 208 Washington Street. Funny thing is – all the revenue these summonses generate won’t lower your property taxes!

8:05pm: Disorderly party at 452 2nd Street shut down.

7:47pm: People “disturbing the peace” at 225 Washington Street received disorderly conduct summonses and were sent on their merry way. Silence is cheaper than blabbering!

7:46pm: Another expensive drink coupon given to a sad sack at 302 Monroe Street. Was it worth it, kiddo?

7:40pm: Male / Female dispute in the lobby of the W Hotel. Wonder if it’s a “fancy fight?”

7:37pm: Ticket issued for open container – 8th & Adams. Note – this list represents only the incidents that I had time to document.. many more tickets were issued than what is detailed here…

7:36pm: Street fight at 1st & River Streets. I guess you can call that area the “ground zero” of Lepre-Con.

7:25pm: Man and woman fighting at 8th & Washington. About what? The shade of green his shirt is?

7:23pm: Fire alarms activated at 604 River Terrace again near Stevens Institute. College-Con!

7:05pm: Disorderly house party at 510 Bloomfield.

Raw Video: A tour of Hoboken LepreCon. Below is a video I slapped together of what Hoboken looked like around 2pm-ish today. Thanks to “The Worst Roads in New Jersey,” the film is a bit choppy in places. I bet Hoboken has the highest instances of kidney stones in America.

6:50pm: Two chicks going at it near 11th & Washington. One girl says she’ll sick her boyfriend on the other – “with a gun.” HPD en route. What is so serious these days?

6:49pm: Fire alarms activated at 812 Castle Point Terrace near Stevens Institute. Can’t those engineering students figure out how to jury rig the smoke detectors to not get set-off by bong hits?

6:30pm: Reports of a “large street fight” at 14th & Washington Streets. A cavalcade of Police units from several municipalities sped up the Avenue – only to find “nothing showing.” Maybe they did that for spectacular news reel footage? Ha!

6:10pm: Man reportedly “climbing a wall” at 2nd & Jackson Streets. Bet he watched Spiderman recently!

6:04pm: Unconscious drunk in bathroom at 7-Eleven. EMS on the way. Highly doubt it was from Slurpee Brain Freeze…

5:50pm: Drunk needs medical assistance at 3rd & Willow. Hoboken EMS en route.

5:41pm: More revelers on the roof at 5th & Washington. HPD en route to put them where they belong. Don’t go too close to the edge!

5:23pm: Drunk “doing pushups” in the middle of the intersection at 14th & Willow. What a bonehead!

Twitter Updates If you followed Hoboken411 on Twitter for the past hour – you would have seen these lovely incidents:

  • 4:46pm: Boy / girl fight at 8th and Madisonbooze brings people together!
  • 4:33pm: Fire alarms at 605 Jefferson St.
  • 4:33pm: Fire alarms at 121 Jackson St.
  • 4:32pm: Disorderly drunk at 12th and Washingtonwow, what a surprise!!
  • 4:30pm: Bottles being tossed outside windows at 222 Clinton St.
  • 4:22pm: Fight at 1st and Gardenblood and teeth – how lovely!
  • 4:20pm: Debris being flung off roof at 251 10th Streetguess that college degree is helping!
  • 4:15pm: Disorderly drunks harassing families at Pier C Parkhow civil!

4:10pm: “Man Down” at 6th & Jefferson Street. In his circle of friends, that’s considered “#winning!”

4:00pm: More rooftop parties about to be busted up by PD at 400 3rd Street.

3:56pm: Beer can tossed off roof – hits Hoboken Police officer in head at 808 Washington Street. What a great party, LepreCon organizers!

3:50pm: Unconscious broad at 401 First Street. I guess that’s considered “voluntary passing out?”

3:30pm: Drunk under arrest for punching Hoboken Fire Chief’s car. What is with people? Do they treat real life like a video game?

3:28pm: Bottles flying outside of windows at 1st & Washington. Hey, that’s right near City Hall! Where’s the Mayor?

3:12pm: Unauthorized roof-top gathering at 813 Washington. I bet they’re enjoying the imaginary St. Patty’s Parade!

3:00pm: Drunk throws bottle at bus, breaks window at 15th & Grand, near the Pilsener Haus Biergarten. HPD on the way.

2:48pm: Open container ticket issued at 1st & Adams. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

2:46pm: Disorderly party at 915 Clinton Street “starting to overflow into hallway…”

2:39pm: Fire alarms activated at 1024 Washington St.

Mid-Day Report Card 2:25pm: Spent the last hour and a half in the field. Downtown is definitely where it’s at. Uptown bars are virtually dead – but the house parties are peppered throughout the town. The PATH station was steadily flowing with more and more revelers. As the sun breaks through and the day progresses – we feel that the activity is going to definitely ramp up – well into the night. Stay tuned! Oh, and the girls are already getting drunk – as you can see by this scene on Newark St. downtown in front of the Taco Truck:

12:57pm: PD dispatched to 119 Washington “balcony” concerns…

12:56pm: 4th & Garden – more public booze consumption coupons dealt. And they were clearly warned! Oh well!

12:47pm: Cops sent to 227 Adams St. again for disorderly party. You can probably bet they’ll get issued and broken down.

12:42pm: Three tickets issued for public alcohol consumption at 1st & Clinton. That’ll be $6,000 for that round of cheap beers, guys!

12:34pm: Fire dept. dispatched to 618 Washington for “alarms activated.” Update: Accidental off-set.

12:26pm: Disorderly party at 227 Adams St. “on the upper floors” supposedly. Today would NOT be a good day for the book club to meet.

12:19pm: FOUR more Jay-walking tickets issued. Can someone help me coin a phrase for this thievery? What do you think? Pedestrian Plundering? Intersection Pick-Pocketing? I’m at a loss here…

12:15pm: Hot Dog Harassment – Police told to move the guy selling wieners at 315 Washington Street. It’s bad to try and make a living feeding others, didn’t you know that? Shame on capitalism!

12:12pm: Car crash at 4th & Jackson. No reported injuries. Unknown whether drunk tool-bags were involved.

12:11pm: Police dispatched to 9th & Washington for “disorderly backyard party.” Guess peeps be talking too loud. Update: Ticket issued at 911 Washington.

12:03pm: TWO more jay-walking summonses issued downtown. Who would have thought this would turn into the big story today? Seriously, jay walking? Have you seen Hoboken any other day of the week? Why just today?

11:49am: SIX more summonses issued for improper street crossing at River St. & Hudson Place. Why don’t they just shut the street down and divert traffic?

11:39am: HPD confused whether taxi cabs can line up at Hudson Place – since their stand has been moved to Vezzetti way. However, if they’re “driving by” they can pick up fares.

11:26am: Police give out two tickets for open container at 15 Hudson Place. According to city ordinances – that means they just made $4,000! Wow!

11:24am: Two more tickets issued for obnoxious, entitled people not crossing at the green. HPD plucks them like shooting fish in a barrel. Ka-Ching for city hall pay raises!

11:17am: “Disorderly group on roof” at 564 First Street. Look out below!

11:07am: HPD issues two summonses for “crossing the street when it’s not your turn” at River St. & Hudson Place. Maybe they’re worried they won’t be able to snag a half a million bucks from drunks today?

11:00am: A whole fleet of Hudson County Police cars, buses and more spotted coming in to town from the south “lights blaring.”

10:45am: Hoboken Police have noted that the number of revelers has begun to pick up – as many folks are coming in off the PATH and near down town armed with “packaged goods” so to say – and headed towards the house-parties. Lines are also forming downtown as well. Good luck everyone!

Hoboken prepares for Lepre-Con – Police ready


Just like Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade 2011Hoboken411 will be keeping readers informed with a constantly updated incident report log throughout the day tomorrow for LepreCon.

Based on the Hoboken LepreCon poll results – it’s clear that residents in town are concerned about how the day will pan out – for better or worse.

Bookmark this thread and check back often to see how the day progresses!

You can follow Hoboken411 on Twitter to get updates that might not make this section tomorrow as well.

Good luck with whatever you do (and be sure to hydrate if you plan on drinking!)

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3 years 11 months ago

Seen at 6:30am: Female already dressed like a green skank going to Starbucks.

Pay the fines? Thats if they do…or mommy/daddy who help pay for their party-ways, rents, cars, etc will cut a check…..

The party people are here already….good luck to the residents and the Police.

Party safely youngsters!

3 years 11 months ago

Friday 3/2/12 8:00pm: Willow Liquors – several short dumpy roaches with green nails argued with shopkeeper over price of champagne. Accused shopkeeper of false advertising, they left cursing but still had the main ingredient to there breakfast mimosa’s. Let the festivities begin! 😕

3 years 11 months ago

Rumor has it they are setting up Red Bull Arena in Harrison like the Guantanamo Bay detention camp for all the Lepre-Convicts!

Break the law, get a ticket, a free green and white striped commemorative tee shirt and a bus ride!

First bus leaves at 11:10 AM!!!

3 years 11 months ago

Damn these cops have $$ signs in their eyes today…

3 years 11 months ago

3/3/12 10:00am – 3 LepreCon males spotted in full regalia, including green beret with white pompom, entering Lisa’s Italian Deli. Getting there morning fill for a long day of public drunkeness